At.Net New Website Launched

Here it is, the launch of our new website.

What's New?

The layout has changed quite a lot. Mainly by the general use of bigger screens means we've been able to make our site wider than it was.

We have launched our online helpdesk to help our clients get in-touch and get prompt support. We have had the application in-house for quite a while now, but have now made it online to assist our valued customers get in-touch with us easier.

We have also decided to shout about some of the great projects that we have been doing. This has never been a focus of the organisation, however several successful deployments over the years could not go unmentioned.

All in all, At.Net has moved on a long way over the past years and the new website is testament to that.

If you would like further information on our new services or would like to comment on our new site please feel free to contact us.