Project :  Investigation and Monitoring of Police and CitizenComplaints

Client : Gauteng Department of Community Safety

An innovative and highly acclaimed enterprise solution that leverages processes, document management and workflow as well as information communication and delivery via secure mechanisms. IMPACc efficiently and significantly enhances the manner in which complaints against provincial and municipal law enforcement agencies are received, handled and resolved.

Our new improved systems ensured :

  • A convenient and non-confrontational, non-intimidating manner to log a complaint against the police protects the anonymity and privacy of the respective individual.
  • Complaints lodged by the community were handled properly and resolved timeously.
  • Transparency amongst different departments involved in a complaint and investigation.
  • The systems trigger alerts when stringent targets were about to fail.
  • A progress report is given to a complainant on a monthly basis.
  • Provide field agents with a easy to use, paperless method of capturing information based on their investigations of cases.
  • Field agents are assisted with organising and structuring investigations with minimal effort.
  • The system provides reliable, real-time historic information on complaints, trend of complaints, CSO productivity and police station statistics.
  • Documented flowcharts provide easy reference guides.
  • Reliable capture and categorization of complaints ensuring the assemblage of dependable reports, hence ease in identifying problem areas.
  • Quality assurance, coaching and staff development inform CSO's of new cases and any new updates to their cases.
  • Allows the supervisor to guide, monitor and ensure quality investigative service.