Project : Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Information Measurement System

Client : Gauteng Provincial Government – Office of the Premier

MERMS is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Information Measurement System that provides a lasting solution to the challenges presented by manual system of reporting and verification. MERMS Collects and captures performance information required from each business unit and consolidate the information received through the appropriate verification and response process:

The Web Based IMS application is accessible within all Gauteng Departments who update information periodically which keeps the Premier up-to-date with all progresses within the Province.

Secure access via different levels of user rights allows accessibility to information based on rank within the department – most importantly giving each Head of Department a concise summary of the information.

The premier ultimately uses the system to advise the state of the province address speech each year.

The application boasts these following features:

  • A dashboard that gives indicators and trends of information.
  • Real time web based reports that are printable and exported to other applications.
  • Central exportable storage of information.
  • Scoreboard that gives the stakeholders summarized specific information.
  • Email alerts and reminders that inform the department users of required information.
  • Department's progress reporting via a predefined e-mail system.
  • Administration sections allowing for the ability to make customize the application.
  • Alerting system for management purposes.