I. Business-IT Alignment

Our aim is to translate our clients’ business strategies into tangible outcomes.

A.Turnaround Strategy / Blueprint / Business Strategy

Key areas of focus include the delivery of the following:
  • ICT Planning, Management & Integration, including CoBIT and ITIL
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework Definition and Delivery
  • Process Engineering, Intelligent Workflow and Process Automation
  • Information and Document Management
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Systems Audit and Assessment


B. Tailored Solutions

AT.Net offers a variety of custom services to suit your particular business needs. Our consultants, developers, designers, and trainers have the industry experience, knowledge, and capabilities to ensure your requirements are understood and the solution meets your demands and exceeds standards.


C. System Integration

At.Net believes that the sum is greater than the whole of its parts—provided these parts are in synergy with and in support of the business's value chain. We, therefore see systems integration as the bridge connecting applications to technologies. As we develop the techno-bridge we are mindful and maintain full understanding of how business processes work, as well as what capabilities are required in the underlying IT systems in order to ensure that the business is exponentially enriched in its entirety.


D. Business Intelligence

We integrate best of breed technology from our alliance partners such as Microsoft, Alchemex and Open-Source solutions into our information management systems to enable you, our client to optimally leverage your most invaluable and critical asset – information.


E. Change Management

II. Telecommunications

The convergence of the Telecommunications and Information Technologies has changed the way we live, do business, communicate and interact with each other. Large business enterprises around the world are now heavily reliant on ICTs and telecommunication infrastructure to carry out regular business activities and ensure business growth and competitiveness. At.Net’s recently added division invested in acquiring licenses across Africa to implement expansion of networks. We have acquired licenses in Zambia, Tanzania and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Your Benefits

Our customer-centric outlook, strategic foresight and cutting edge tailored solutions position us ahead of our peers. In choosing At.Net as your technology partner, the benefits for you are:
  • Customised solutions integrated to the overall’s business strategy improves operations, enhances your productivity and consequently bottom line.
  • Through use of our systematic processes we save your company time and resources on a short and long term.
  • Skills transfer to the client: As part of implementation and support we ensure our clients’ employees undergo a complete training programme in order to achieve maximum result and value.
  • At.Net remains committed to support and maintain the system beyond implementation, allowing you continued source of technology expertise.
  • Our ability to link stand-alone technologies with tailored applications allows you to enhance without drastically changing how the business works.
  • We employ strict quality control measures throughout the project life-cycle, making sure the best resources are available at all times.
  • Being a small-medium enterprise, we work with unwavering diligence as we believe that failure is not an option. As our client, your technology needs and challenges are our utmost priority.
  • Our customized software applications and assist you throughout the entire software development life-cycle, the benefit to you and your organization is a single point of liaison and a business strategy focused solution – which subsequently saves you time, costs and improves productivity.