AT.Net's team of mobility experts create mobile solutions that enable personnel and knowledge workers to access applications on the road, gather and consume corporate data in the field, and remain connected within company workflows. Our certified mobility experts work closely with Microsoft mobility product teams to guide the future of Microsoft mobile software technologies.

AT.Net offers extensive consulting, development, design, and training services in the field of enterprise mobility and possesses in-depth experience with technologies including: Windows Mobile, Mobile and Tablet PC, the .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server Mobile Edition, iPhone, iPad, Android and GPS technologies.

Mobile Phone applications

One of the most popular consumer technology devices available, the phone provides and combines an assortment of multimedia services including: phone, camera, text message, video, portable media, internet, email, and web browsing. With a host of third-party applications available, AT.Net’s developers and designers help cut through the clutter and create polished applications that ensure return on investment.

Tablet PC The multi-touch tablet computers have the ability to display and manipulate media such as books and periodicals, movies, music and games as well as provide access to critical business information such reporting, web and email. The AT.Net team of developers and designers enables organizations to manage emerging technologies in an efficient and seamless way by defining requirements and creating polished applications that meet user demands.